The future of weight training: using technology for results

This series of articles (March – April 2015) covers the science of muscle development for physique transformation, and the coupling of technology with new training techniques for faster gains. Each article slowly builds upon the information from the previous) 

Those heavily involved in the fitness industry know that technology will open new doors to the way we train.

You only have to look at how training has changed over the last 50 years to get an idea of what’s in store for us in the future. But what if you could access new training science that helps you not only reach your goals but completely knock them out of the park?

What if this kind of technology is available for you, right now – affordable and easy to use?

What if there was even more to training than we have thought to date?

What if we have been missing half of the picture in the performance equation all along?

In the 50’s and 60’s, training was basic. It was generally limited to heavy lifting, free weights, milk, eggs, and the rare supplements such as brewers yeast, desiccated liver tablets and protein powders mainly consisting of milk powder or casein.

This was about the same time steroids emerged and blew natural gains out of the water. Perhaps, unfortunately, the reliance on these chemical “enhancers” meant that we could get a little lazy about the other aspects of training. If training and nutrition is “off the mark” let’s say 40%, but the hormones are more than doubling the gains, how do we know whether or even more progress is possible via natural means?

Furthermore, those on chemical aids will respond differently to the same training stimulus and will also make very good gains on a training regime that may be very unsuitable for the natural athlete. However, the youngsters entering the gyms look up to their large pro idols and try to learn from them, not considering that their training regimes are totally inappropriate for a natural body.

(We’re not pro or anti steroids – we are simply looking pragmatically at how we got to where we are and how technology can take us even further.)

If a new approach has the potential to rewrite the rulebook of physique possibilities, we find that we have no real benchmark for what is possible naturally – we have an artificial “ceiling” way above the natural realms of possibility, and a vast range of artificial achievements in between.

With the focus on the artificial ceiling and without this knowledge, or “pain gap” for natural excellence through natural techniques, no one searches for the answer.

After the surge of steroids, natural competitions made a comeback as knowledge grew about what was possible naturally. Displaying yourself “naturally” to other athletes wore a badge of honour. Plus, the greater numbers of healthy physiques sets a new benchmark and gives people the hope, and incentive, to persevere and see what our bodies can achieve naturally.

The technology of today

And today, we’ve got help available to us.

With new technology emerging, we can access solutions that would normally be available only in a well-equipped office or research lab. We’ve got tools such as wearable technology and mobile phones, which act like wearable computers, and so many supplements to choose from – unlike 50 years ago where protein powders were all that was available.

No longer does there have to be a big mystery for most on “how should I train . . ? Heavy or Light . . ?” In our next blog, we’re going to tell you why and show you how to add the right ingredients to your workout recipe.

But for now, here are our 5 takeaway tips.

AMP Your Workout Smart Tips

  1. Don’t assume that chemicals are the first port of call for exceptional development – there are many variables of training that are not even currently tracked and/or utilised
  2. Technology is opening new doors to the way we train – giving us the pieces of the training performance equation we’ve been missing all along
  3. You can quite likely, with the aid of technology guiding your training, achieve your goal physique naturally, training to how your body best responds.
  4. Technology that helps us train and achieve goals is now available to all of us – not just in a well-equipped sports research laboratory.

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