Automated Client Management

Book and prepare your sessions, plan your day, manage your clients all in one place easily accessible from your mobile or computer. LIFT-IQ gives you reports to the second, with information that will help you maximize your efficiency.



Technology Backed by Science

Become an expert in fitness technology. AMP Your Workout is a cutting edge system that uses patented predictive modeling to produce fast results your clients can see and feel.

Motivate and Retain Your Clients

AMP Your Workout is guaranteed to produce significant results Fast, by analysing every repetition that your clients perform. The instant feedback will tell your clients the “value” of their training, every exercise. As they try to beat their personal best, you retain your satisfied, motivated clients.



PT features

  • As many clients as you like
  • Simply email your QR code to take on a client anywhere in the world
  • Design and assign workouts for your clients over the cloud
  • Monitor your clients remotely
  • Rest assured that your clients are getting the best workout possible – to suit their genetic strengths
  • Change your role to be more consultative
  • No more data recording – the app does it for you
  • Program client sessions via the calendar
  • “See” your day easily – the default “Appointments” screen shows you just the important info – who you are training and when – no clutter
  • Client session categories – specify for Program, Induction, Assessment, or Complimentary – so you can see at a glance what you are doing for the day.

Manage Your PT Business with our Business Software

  • Paperless, fully automated system to manage your data.
  • Create programmes
  • Schedule client sessions
  • Track progress
  • Automate goals for next session

Download AMP Your Workout now to reach your peak potential