The AMP Your Workout App is crammed full of features to give you the ultimate power for your workouts, yet it can be used in very simple single-click mode also

We have tried combined the design philosophies of Microsoft and Apple to give you the best of both worlds

  • fully automated guidance and single-click operation and for those who want simplicity (this is the default mode)
  • full flexibility for those who have great expertise with their workouts and want to choose their options quickly and easily

Typically, the app is used in fully automated mode, and the full power options are always on-hand and just one or two clicks away.



Compatible with many watch brands and models (see list of devices on the home page)

Compatible with Android

Compatible with android.

Compatible with iOS

Compatible with iOS

High Level In-app functions

Pre-Designed Templates

A range of templates to choose from – whole body, double-splits and triple-splits

20 Exercises per Workout

20 Exercises per Workout

Custom Programs

Program editor allows you to copy any template (or personal program) and edit to personalise to your needs

Search Exercises Easily

Text search tool for exercises

Create Programs from Scratch

Program editor allows you to create a program from scratch

Compose your own splits

Program editor enables adding/deleting of splits, adding/deleting and moving exercises to reorganise

Multiple Splits

Create programs with up to 20 splits (allows for two or three workout per day)

In-gym Workout functions

No Data Entry

You will now have FULL data and analysis on your workouts, but you do not have to enter data because it is predicted and recorded for you!

Automatically adjusts to suit your Progress

Targets auto-predicted for each exercise to suit your body and your progress goals

Change Intensity

“Change Intensity” function: – see you other options before each exercise – change reps, weight, TUT, rests – the app will know how to change the other parameters to suit you

Auto-carry-forward of weights

If you use a different weight to that suggested, you only need to edit once – the app will carry the new weight forward each set

Swipe through splits

Full split versatility: If you skip a day or feel like a different split, simply swipe left or right to select a different split – the app will then continue its auto-advance

Smart Prediction

Knows your 1RM and all RM options – once you perform and exercise, the app can predict all other combos for you

Adjusts to help you hit Targets

Prompts you to maintain and hit targets (TUT feedback each set and rest period count-down timer)

Add Exercise

“Add exercise” function: If you decide on some variety, simply “Add exercise” into the current workout – choose from a text-search menu

Weight adjustments in typical increments

To minimize clicks, the up/down increments for weights use the typical values for plates and dumbbells


After the initial “learning” phase (in “manual” auto-increase mode), select a micro-cycle to auto-adjust your workout intensity to prevent burnout

Track Tempo and TUT

Monitors TUT and all rep tempo phases to tenths of a second

Exercise History

Exercise history: – pre-workout – before a workout, take a high-level look at your previous best for each exercise with “Exercise History”

View Sessions at any time

“Session” function – at any time, take a helicopter view of your workout and “jump” to any exercise in the list

Over-ride predictions

Over-ride predictions – the app is a tool to give you the best workout – but you are in control – you can try different weights or reps (just adjust the amount after the set)

Micro-cycle fine tuning

Micro-cycle flexibility and override: – the app suggests an intensity, but you can change it with a simple swipe. The app “remembers” and will prompt you next time for the required intensity (i.e. go for that high intensity that you dialled down, or give you that rest you need because you felt strong last workout!)

Monitors Rest Periods

Monitors rests to the second

Workout History

Exercise history: – (in workout) – before each exercise, take a look at your top 10 best efforts, arranged by score and detailing all factors including dates

Full flexibility

Full flexibility of exercise sequence – using the above features, jump anywhere in the workout or add exercises in a couple of clicks

Auto-split management

The App knows what you did last workout and auto-advances

User Portal

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PT features

Add Clients

As many clients as you like

Clients get the best workout possible

Rest assured that your clients are getting the best workout possible – to suit their genetic strengths

Track your appointments

“See” your day easily – the default “Appointments” screen shows you just the important info – who you are training and when – no clutter

QR Code Support

Simply email your QR code to take on a client anywhere in the world

Let the App work for you

Change your role to be more consultative

Organise your day

Client session categories – specify for Program, Induction, Assessment, or Complimentary – so you can see at a glance what you are doing for the day

Design and Send Workouts Remotely

Design and assign workouts for your clients over the cloud

Automatic Data Recording

Not more data recording – the app does it for you

Monitor Clients Remotely

Monitor your clients remotely

Integrated Calendar

Program client sessions via the calendar

Download AMP Your Workout now to reach your peak potential