The patent-pending AMMP™ engine guides you to workouts that optimize the loads on your muscles for faster results and greater ultimate potential.


Have you ever asked the question “What reps and weight should I use”?

The AMMP™ engine is like a dyno-tune for your muscles – finding the best combination of sets, reps, weights – and even Time-under-tension (TUT) and rest periods

Experts are only now just starting to pay attention to TUT and factor it more into workouts – but early experiments with the AMMP engine prototype in 2007 showed the impact of TUT in a workout. And the same was true with rest periods. Longer TUT meant more muscle stress – and shorter rests means higher Work intensity.

The trials also raised many important questions: – here’s an example of just two:

  • If you increase TUT, you may not get as many reps, hence less Work per set – but the stress may be greater – which is best?
  • If you decrease rest periods, you may not get as many reps, but your Work intensity is greater – which is best?


The AMMP engine solves this with a simple process that helps tailor each workout to each of your muscles:

  1. Monitor: monitor your workouts to fractions of a second (including two important variables that everyone ignores)
  2. Analyse: analyse the results
  3. Compare: compare the results with your history for that exercise
  4. Predict: determine where you perform at your best, and
  5. Guide: set targets to push you to your ultimate potential – and then it monitors you again, starting the cycle again. All of this is automated with little effort from you, except for the fantastic workout you will achieve!

This process of studying a system is called black-box methodology – how to “decode” a complex system and understand it.

The AMMP engine in the AMP Your Workout App is your key to getting the most from your workouts and the best results for your physique or figure.

With this process It answers the age-old gym questions of “How should I train”? – “Should I train heavy or light”? “Should I take long rests or short rests”?

The answer is in every case “You should train in a way to suit your body”. This is why the advice continually repeated by the experts is “DON’T FOLLOW THE ROUTINE OF SOMEONE ELSE!”

Of course, some people just find their “best” style of training by accident. For the rest of us, it can be a real mystery and we are continually wondering if we are getting the best from our time in the gym.

If you train at your optimal loading (i.e. in a way that stresses the muscles to force adaptation) then you will achieve the fastest results, as well as achieve your ultimate potential – if you DON’T train in a way to suit your muscles (genetic makeup) then results will be slower and you may never reach the best that you could have been!


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