Android watches (Google Wear (LG), Samsung Live, Pebble, and others

Note that you CAN use AMP Your Workout without a smart watch (accelerometer device) – the system will assume you are lifting in a 1010 tempo – refer to the AMP Your Workout website for details of a “1010” tempo, or “TUT 2”. If you ARE using a watch, then prior to the following, perform the manufacturer steps to pair your Android watch to your phone.

  1. From the Playstore, Download the “AMP Your Workout” App
  2. From the Playstore, Download the “AMP Your Workout for Wear” App
  3. The AMP Your Workout for Wear App will be added to your Apps – You will see AMP Your Workout in the menu
    1. The “AMP Your Workout for Wear” App will automatically be pushed to the watch. Note, if there appears to be a problem with it being pushed to the watch, you can force it by doing a reset of the watch (go to the watch “start” menu and scroll to “reset”)
    2. You can verify the App it is on the watch if you scroll to the “Start” icon and scroll till you see “AMP Your Workout”
  4. You are ready to go
    1. Note that the AMP Your Workout App will ordinarily start automatically when you start a workout. However, if it does not, you can go to the “Start” menu on the watch and scroll to AMP Your Workout and click it to get it started.
    2. The watch will show “AMP Your Workout CONNECT” and will then display “Connected – See phone to begin workout” – you will need to press “start” in the workout for it to communicate the first exercise details to the watch
    3. Once you are “in” a workout, the current exercise will be displayed on the watch, along with the controls – “Start”, “Stop”, and the display after a set:
      1. Display after a Set” – the reps will be shown with “+”, “-“ options. You can scroll to the right to see the weight, also with “+”, “-“ options.
      2. Note that once you press “Next” on the watch, whatever you edited will be updated in the phone. If you updated on the phone, the figures in the watch will over-write them when you press “Next”
      3. Therefore, if you need to edit something via the phone, it is best to first press “Next” on the watch to take you to the next set, and THEN edit the phone – these figures will not then change when you press “Start” on the watch