AMP Performance Portal Overview

We have some surprises and rewards for your patience in store for you in 2016. You will have received the news that the app is now going free – no subscriptions.

We are also working on a Performance Portal to give you unparalleled insights into your training. This has never been done to this degree in the gym environment and we believe these insights will give you the knowledge to boost your training like never before.

With that in mind, please read on to see what we are doing for you . . . Power at a Glance!

Automatic Workout Recording

Amp Your Workout gives you the benefit of “passive data”. You simply do your workouts and Amp Your Workout “watches” you and records all data relevant for muscle stimulus.


Dashboard – Your Weekly Workout Tracker

Your Dashboard is the “helicopter view” of your training habits – this gives an instant clue on why your body is buffing up faster than a hot rod at the national car show, or stubbornly holding onto your fat like a polar bear with a seal.

Amp Your Workout Performance Portal Dashboard


You can see at a glance:

Workout Frequency: – how often you are going to the gym; training days vs rest days per week and over a two month period
Workout Volume: – going to the gym is only half the story – the “volume” report will show you how much work you are doing in total


Consistency Overview – Workouts and Ratio Days per month

Another type of “helicopter view”;- Progress slow just lately? This chart might show a few “dips” in the month compared to previous months!? – and then you have that “aha” moment and remember those days that it wasn’t convenient to go to the gym because the cat needed perming or the pre-workout cheesecake didn’t have the energising effect you’d been promised.

Amp Your Workout Dashboard showing overall workout consitency


Track Your Consistency by body-part

If the Dashboard and Workout stats are the helicopter views, then this is the drone – giving you a birds-eye view of each body-part. Got a slight imbalance in your physique that makes Quasimodo look like the latest Classic Physique winner compared to you? This report will show you why a body-part is lagging – maybe you hit it regularly but volume is low with too many specialised movements? Or maybe you are missing workouts on a regular basis? Or maybe, in your enthusiasm, you are hitting it too often like a sex addict on high potency aphrodisiacs? Results come from consistency in stimulation as well as volume – but also require sufficient recovery.

Amp Your Workout Workout Consitency by Body Part graph

You can see at a glance:

Frequency: – check the frequency of workouts for each body-part. Are they all getting their fair share, or re some lagging? Be on top of the game and train strategically or the first you’ll know about an imbalance is when someone calls you “chicken legs”
Volume: – As before, frequency is only half the picture – the volume you subject each body-part to will govern the results significantly. Check also that the volumes between body-parts seems reasonable – are you smashing your over-developed pecs because you enjoy training them and letting your back trail behind? You’ll end up with hunched shoulders and an unimpressive straight up and down body with no “V” taper.


Current program stats

Now we are getting to the nitty gritty – the actual progress for each exercise. We’ve gone from helicopter – to drone – to microscope.

This report will fill in the questions from the higher level graphs – showing you exactly how each exercise is progressing for each body-part. You can view each graph individually or scan the entire session in one view, looking for a graph going the wrong way (down instead of up) in a few seconds. You can also compare body-parts – for instance the chest scores for bench-press etc should be similar for the lat pull-downs and row scores. If there’s an imbalance, it could be the reason for an imbalance in your physique.

Amp Your Workout Current Program Stats for an Individual Exercise

Note also the pentagon showing the 5 top workouts – you can turn the different layers on and off and get an idea of the parameters where you perform best for that exercise – is it higher reps? – higher weights? – long rests or short rests? Long or short TUT?

Exercise Hf graphs: Know your total body progress at a glance: this is a powerful set of graphs where you can see the progress of each body-part in seconds. The “Hf” graphs are the scores for each exercise from each workout and if they are steadily climbing up, results will follow. If you see a dip you can then use the details of the other charts to find out WHY and correct the imbalance


My programs – View, Design and Edit

The app includes a program editor to copy, design, and edit your programs any time, any where. But you can also access a powerful editor on your computer and have the programs appear in your app to select them whenever you wish.

Just as you can view your programs in the app as well as design and edit, you can do the same from your Performance Portal and the new programs will appear in your app.


Compare to community

We’re back to helicopter mode but this time, rather than spying on your patch of land (your workouts and physique, we’re at the satellite level, viewing the whole country so you can compare your patch to others.

Amp Your Workout Compare to Community Graph

Amp Your Workout is the only program that gives you a fair comparison. Traditional comparisons and reports stress a particular ability or strength. In the gym, the people with the natural strength become the stars of the gym – but maybe your muscles are better suited to high volume work at high intensity. Amp Your Workout is the “equalizer” and will compare your overall ability.

With this chart you can select Gender, age range, Country; and then compare your scores for each exercise with the top 20 in your bracket:

Hf – the “score” of the muscle loading, and
Volume – the volume used for your best effort with the exercise


My profile – track weight, fat level and lean body mass

Your profile page in the app and the portal, besides your personal data and app settings, will in future versions, also record your weight and body-fat percentage (if you know it). This data is plotted against the dates to show you your progress with lean body mass and body fat.



The Amp Your Workout community will enable you to interact with others training at their peak – you can see how we’re all different but have our own strengths, as well as compare charts, photos, and notes


Amp Your Workout works best with these devices

  • Apple phone + Pebble watch or
  • Samsung phone + Samsung Gear, Gear2 Neo or Gear S watch
  • And more watches as they are released and we integrate them with the app – stay tuned!