Freestyle – How do I do a workout “Freestyle”?

This guide will help you to do a “Freestyle” workout where you decide and select your exercises as you go, depending on what equipment is available or what you feel like doing. Note that you can also do this in a normal program without changing to Freestyle – simply by using your Roadmap to select exercises in any sequence and/or the “Add Exercise” function (see guide “Add Exercise during a workout”)

Step 1: Click on the Menu button and select “FreeStyle Workout”.


Note: If you choose Freestyle workout it will become your default workout until you change your program. (See Guide “How do I change my Program”)

Step 2: After selecting FreeStyle the system will immediately ask for your first exercise. You can filter exercises by body parts – the exercise menu will be restricted  to just those exercise to simplify your choice.



Step 3: Here, the “Pec” body-part was chosen  -and then the “Exercise” menu (shown) is now limited to chest exercises


Step 4: Here “Bench Press – Flat – Barbell” has been selected. It is now in the temporary holder waiting to be added to the program – or you can continue to add a few exercises if you wish


Note: To add another exercise for a different body-part, just select the “Body party” and select an “Exercise”.

When you have enough selected click “add” to add exercises in to program. See the image below which has multiple exercises added in the program.

Note that when you select “Add” the system will go to the first exercise, ready to begin. You can return to this mode to add more exercises any time by selecting “Add Exercise” while you are still in the workout. (Note, “add exercise” does not appear in the menu if you are at the “Roadmap” screen because you are not technically “in” the workout – you need to press “Start” to get “into” the workout – to either perform exercises, or add new ones.