Create a Program – How do I design my own program?

This guide shows the procedures of creating your own “Custom” Exercise program in Lift-iQ.

Step 1: Click on “My Programs” from the main menu of the application. This will enable you to simply look at the programs in the folders, or copy and edit templates, or copy and edit your own existing Custom programs.

Create your own Free Style 1

Step 2; Now click on any Template to see the splits and exercises they contain.

In the example below we have selected “Blank” template – to build a program from scratch. The same process applies to any template.

    Create Your own program -2

The example is the Blank template – you cannot edit a template – you must therefore first “Copy” it to create a program to edit. Press “Copy”.

Step 3: Give the new Program a Name so that you could easily find it in your Custom Folder. Assign it to someone (in SINGLE USER VERSION this is yourself) – the PT version allows a PT to assign programs to their clients.

Create Your Own Program - 4

Step 4: Now add sessions (splits) – click on “+” to add a session. Note, if you are training the whole body each time, you only need to add one session.

If you plan to do 3 splits or more you can add them here. Descriptive names will help you when viewing your program later. Each workout will include the session name so you can easily see which split you are on.

In the following image we have added 3 different sessions :

1- Chest And Back
2- Legs
3- Delts And Arms
Create Your Program- 5

Step 5: Now you can expand them all and add the exercises.  Press the ” > ” which is visible at the end of the bar and then select Body Part to select the filter.

Create your own program - 6 Create Your Own Program - 7

Step 6: In our example the first split is Chest and back so we selected “Pec”. Now click on Exercise menu and select exercises, here in our example we selected “Pec Bench Press – Flat -Barbell”.  Now again click Exercise and choose a different exercise to add in the program this time we added “Pec Bench Press Incline”.

You can keep selecting exercise like this, using the same body-part filter.

When you have enough Pec exercises, change the body-part filter to “Lats” and select your Lat exercises.

When you selected all the exercises you want, click “Add” to add them to the session

Create Your Own Program - 8 Create Your Own Program - 9

Step 7: Now you can move to next session and add exercises as above. e.g. Scroll Down to “Legs”. Click the “>” expansion icon. Click on the Body part and choose “Quads” and select the exercises from the exercise menu – then select “Hamstrings” and repeat etc.

Step 8: Once you have added add the sessions click “Save”.

You can view your saved program from the “Custom” tab of “My Programs” template, as shown in the image below.

create your own - 11

Note: If you want to view the splits inside the Programs you can easily drill into programs by selecting “>”.

You can then drill down into each split to see the exercises.

Note, you can “edit” any program – and add / delete exercises or move them up or down to change the sequence. If you “Edit”, you must “Save” the new version