Check Exercise History – How do I look back at my exercise history?

Step 1: Before starting an exercise you can check the exercise history. Click on “Menu” and then click “Exercise History”.


Step 2: You will see your top 10 best efforts – in descending order.

Note: If you have bad data you can delete it (e.g. you “play” with the system or demo to a friend and simulate crazy weights or rest periods)**

Delete a bad record by simply swiping it to the LEFT and delete “X”.

**If you demo the system and press start/stop quickly, the system will assume you did the exercise in super-quick time with short rests – it will appear to be a “super intense” workout and will influence your next predictions, so you need to delete it. NOTE – you can easily delete during a workout – if you suddenly discover a crazy prediction, simply follow the steps above – when you then return to the exercise, your predictions will be based on your proper data