Change Program – How do I change the program in my Roadmap (or change from Freestyle)

This guide will help you in changing the Program.


  • You have a program but want to select a new one
  • You are in “Freestyle” mode and want to select a program

Step 1: Click on the menu and then select “Change Program”

Step 2: You will go to programs, “templates” menu. These are standard templates.

The other menu is “Custom” folder for your own design custom programs you design yourself. (See guide “Create a Program”)

You can click and preview any program before selecting it. Each click goes down a level into the program. Program > Splits > Exercises

Change Program - 2

Step 3: In our example we click on “Whole Body Level 1 Basic” program. It has opened into next level splits (there is only one split).

You can use this program from here, can “copy” this template to edit it as a “custom” program – or “use” it at this point – or you can further drill down in it by clicking on it before you decide to “use” it.

Change Program 3

Note: In the preview below we drilled into Split to see the exercises. You can copy this template  to make another “Custom” program or can “use” it as it is.

Change Program 4

Step 4: After selecting “Use”, you are back at the Roadmap – and can see your exercises in one of the splits (in this case there is only one – if there are more you can swipe left or right to access the other splits) – and you can start any split you want

Note: If you quit the app now or change screens your previous program will remain in place as your default program. The new program is not “locked-in” until you “start” it.

Press “Start” button  to start the workout – it will default to the first exercise.

Note: If you have been training for sometime and select a new program your current data will not be lost, the system will will check exercises in the new program and will retrieve your data and predictions as per normal. Any  new exercises will of course not have predictions until you do them at least once.

If you do not want to do the first exercise (the default), either press “Roadmap” to select one you want, or click “next” to go to the next exercise, or select “menu” / “Add exercise” if the exercise is not in this workout (see guide “How do I Add an exercise”?)

Change Program 5