Add Exercise – How do I add an exercise – either to a program, or in Freestyle mode?

This guide will help you in adding new exercises to AMP Your Workout during a workout. Please follow the steps below:

Note: Scenarios: – You might be:

  • At the end of a workout – and want to add another exercise
  • At the end of the last exercise you added in “Freestyle” mode
  • At the end of an exercise you added to a program (they are always added to the end of the workout)

The Program will assume you are at the end and will show “Finish” (see figure below). If you do not want to finish either select “Add Exercise” (if you are in freestyle mode) or click “Road map” (if you added an exercise to a program and want to return to the program) – and then click the exercise to do next.

Add New Exercise

Step 2: Click “Menu” (top right in the red bar) and “Add Exercise”

Free Style Roadmap

Step 3: The exercise selection modal appears.

  • Click the top left “Body-part” menu to filter the exercises
  • Click “Exercise” menu – you will only see exercises for the body-part selected
  • Repeat this process – you can add as many as you like – select a new body-part if required, to get those exercises
  • When finished building your list, click “Add” (bottom left) to add the exercises to your workout

Add Exercise