How to sculpt a body to be proud of

The fact that you’ve started reading this article means that you have the desire to transform your body – so I’ll dispense with the usual “goal-setting” process process.

Action doesn’t happen without first the initial desire. Maybe you’ve got photos set aside, or at least look at photos of people who have the “look” that you’d like.

Having a clear image of what you’d like to look like coupled with a strong desire will help you get through the tough times. Let’s assume you possess this desire, which is why you have read this far.

What you now need is the process and the tools to make it happen. Read more

New muscle growth techniques: technology that merges with weight lifting

This series of articles (March – April 2015) covers the science of muscle development for physique transformation, and the coupling of technology with new training techniques for faster gains. Each article slowly builds upon the information from the previous)

You might be able to relate to this.You’ve been training a while and gains were good at first – the weights were going up and you could see the changes in your physique almost on a weekly basis. Then it all plateaued.

Or possibly you have been training a few years and on previous diet attempts, found yourself heading quickly to the weight you were at before bulking up. In other words, despite the weight gain over the last year, it seems that not much of it was muscle?

Unfortunately, this is a common problem. Things just seem to slow down or stop. Well let me tell you something – there’s hope. Read more