Using technology to train according to your genetics

This series of articles (March – April 2015) covers the science of muscle development for physique transformation, and the coupling of technology with new training techniques for faster gains. Each article slowly builds upon the information from the previous)

Last time we spoke all about the muscle system and it’s how you work out that generates results. It all depends on your genetic makeup – the “type” of muscle system combination that you have, and how they all work together to create the muscle output (work).

What we need is a system that measures the “output” of the muscle and the effects of varying the different operating parameters. Read more

How You May Be Slowing Your Results in The Gym And How To Avoid it

From Previous articles we have seen that there are many more factors that constitute a muscle-system’s shape and condition, besides the limited view of simple the fiber types – and we have seen therefore that there are many other training factors (beyond simply weight and reps) to be considered in the gym when trying to overload the entire “muscle system” in order to force a recovery/compensation response. Read more

Faster Results By Training To Your Genetic Strengths – A How-To Guide

We saw in an earlier article that we have fallen prey to three key factors that have slowed our training progress. 1) Paradigms on how best to train, reinforced by those who do actually respond well to those standards; 2) Lack of knowledge of the a) complete set of elements within a muscle system that shape it and govern the performance factors, b) the interaction of those elements since it is them working as a complete unit that create the output, and c) lack of knowledge of the variables that affect (or rely upon principally) the different elements; and 3) A means of measuring all the factors that constitute the load on the muscle system that prompts it to recover and compensate for the effects of the overload that just occurred.

That lead us to wanting to question and understand ALL the variables of a training session (exercise) that we can measure and vary in future to test the different effects of the different load profile (i.e. a strength load as in heavy weight, with low reps, or an endurance load, with high reps with a lighter weight, or a high stress load with long time under tension with a high “duty-cycle” such that there is little or no break in the tension between each repetition)

To answer the questions above and illustrate the process, we can again use an example, building upon the previous one. We intuitively “know” the answers – as you will now see. Read more

The ultimate PT – Empowered with AMP Your Workout to tailor your workouts to your genetic strengths

Hi – I’m glad you are still with me – and the fact that you are here probably means that you are questioning (or at least have an open mind regarding) whether you can achieve better / faster results from your training. You may be wondering whether a PT who understands the AMP Your Workout system can not only speed up your results, but have you enjoying your workouts more and feeling more confident that you are training the right way for your physique and your goals.

There is nothing worse than heading on a long journey and having a big question mark sitting over you every day or every session, with doubt or uncertainty that your path is off course! It is an uncomfortable feeling that all that hard work may not be yielding the type of results that you could genetically achieve if your training was properly matched to your strengths.

It is common however to feel confused and uncertain with weight training as the process takes a long time to show results and there are many variables as well as a lot of confusing information in the market, not least of which might come from your friends! Read more