Avoid dieting: Weight Loss Secret

Huh? Bear with me as I explain.

In one of our previous blogs (toning and shaping: framing the problem), we explained why the goal should be to lose fat not weight. To achieve the type of physical transformation that brings body fat down from 30% to 18%, the secret is to NOT to diet.

The word diet has the connotation of sacrifice, pain, discomfort, and it is also, due to our beliefs over the years and the way that we have portrayed it, is something that is done temporarily. “Detox” diets are a similar concept – the implication is that we have somehow built up toxins in our body and are going to remove them over the course of a week or so – and presumably then go back to “normal” and put them all back in?

It doesn’t make sense. If there is such a mechanism at work, then perhaps not putting toxins into the body in the first place might be a good idea?

As a result, I never use the word diet. We’re going to substitute the “diet” for “nutrition plan”, because it implies a general plan for life, not just a short-term project aimed at major sacrifice.

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Toning & Shaping: Framing the Problem

Have you tried toning and shaping your body before? Maybe you’ve tried to sculpt your arms or legs to give you that lean look. Did you end up with the rock-star arms you’d hoped for, or in a whirlwind of confusion?

If you’re like most, you may have achieved some results but were unable to maintain it.

Sounding familiar? I understand.

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Simplifying the Complexities of Toning and Shaping

Some of you will look at this title and think what do you mean “complexities”? “ . . .It’s easy – just eat right and go to the gym and lift weights . . . “

For the majority of us though, changing our shape isn’t easy and the fact that many of us do manage amazing transformations is testament to our persistence, determination, consistency, and intelligent approach to the subject, rather than a sign of great genetics. Read more