Get Better InSights with our Performance Portal

We have some surprises and rewards for your patience in store for you in 2016. You will have received the news that the app is now going free – no subscriptions.

We are also working on a Performance Portal to give you unparalleled insights into your training. This has never been done to this degree in the gym environment and we believe these insights will give you the knowledge to boost your training like never before.

With that in mind, please read on to see what we are doing for you . . . Power at a Glance!
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Designing a gym program for maximal results – Part 1

This article is the first in a series on maximising your results at the gym.

We know the key to development is a combination of stimulation, recovery and nutrition –and that these, when addressed properly will have an impact on a fourth critical element, Hormones. We also saw how the level of stimulation necessary will vary according to your history of training and your development – and as a result the recovery necessary also varies in proportion.

Eventually, as more volume is added, a beginner’s routine will have to be split to include the necessary volume for just a few body-parts. A well designed split also enables training on consecutive days without overloading any particular body-parts. Read more