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When you go to the the gym, do more than simply lift weights! If you are going to the gym to transform or “sculpt” your physique or figure, the key is not lifting weights – it is in stressing the muscle! But what does that mean and what is the difference? – how do you stress the muscle? The difference is critical – and will be the difference in your results! Powerlifters and bodybuilders both lift weights – but they look quite different! – the difference is in HOW they lift. So to find out HOW you can find your optimal lifting style…  Read more about the AMMP™ Engine.

No Data Entry, Detailed Tracking

Unlike other apps, AMP Your workout automatically tracks your workouts for you. You have minimal or no data to enter! Recording your progress is super-important – yet very few people do it – because it is a hassle!

But if you don’t measure, you are just guessing! You could be on a plateau for a year and not know it! – Simply “treading water” with your valuable gym time, eating regime, and supplements. Read more…

AMP Your Workout not only records your workouts for you – it records two critical variables that no-one measures. It then analyses the data and determines how you best perform in each exercise – i.e. what type of training creates maximum stress for the muscle in order to cause it to grow!

Using your smart watch and phone the app tracks your sets, reps, weight, time under tension and rest times and then assesses the muscle loading – and then creates tailored targets for your next workout.

Get all the Facts

Keeping track of your weights and reps is all good but to get a true picture of your workout you need to also track the Time Under Tension (TUT) and rest periods. These two factors are often missed and have a massive impact of your performance and your muscle stimulation.

AMP Your Workout App will automatically track all four factors and provide you with instant feedback on your performance. Not only that but the patent-pending AMMP(TM) engine keeps learning and providing tailored targets for your next workout to optimise the muscle stimulus for your training style.

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Powered By Ammp

The “AMMP™ Engine” is the patent-pending algorithm and brains behind the AMP Your Workout App. It is the algorithm that assesses your workouts, automatically determining your optimal training loads.

To do this, it takes in all the detailed information from every rep (and in fact every aspect of each exercise to fractions of a second) and determines the trade-offs between your training parameters (for instance, weight vs reps vs time-under-tension vs rest periods and training Work Rate. Read more…

It also knows your weight-rep RM capabilities for each exercise and your training capabilities for stress and Work rate.

It optimises these be learning more about you each workout and guiding you to your peak as it adapts and learns as you grow and excel – continually updating your data and training targets.

Read more about the AMMP engine

For Personal Trainers

AMP Your Workout will elevate you from being a PT to being a Physique consultant. It will enable you to give your clients the ultimate workout.

Your role becomes more consultative, focussed on the techniques and guidance so your clients can FEEL the instant improvement in their workout.

Amp Your Workout also enables you to book your sessions (multiple, repeating bookings etc), plan your day, manage your client’s workouts, all in one place easily accessible from your mobile or computer. AMP Your Workout gives you reports to the second, with information that will help you maximize your efficiency.

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